S13 Gauge Cluster Wiring Harness

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All Tight Fit Fabrication harnesses are made with Raychem DR-25 or DERAY V25 heat shrink, 18-gauge American made primary wiring, and an OEM connectors that mates to the OEM body harness. These harnesses were made to work with USDM vehicles. 

S13 wiring harnesses are labeled for:

  • Fuel Signal
  • Fuel Signal
  • Ground
  • Water Temp
  • Tach Signal
  • Left and Right Turn Signals
  • High Beam
  • 12v Constant Power
  • 12v Keyed Power
  • Illumination Power
  • Ground
  • VSS ECU Signal
  • VSS Positive
  • VSS Negative

Indicator lighting for:

  • Door Open
  • Brake
  • Oil
  • Check Engine
  • ALT/Battery
  • Additional Grounds

The idea for these harnesses is to have people avoid cutting up their original harness when running aftermarket gauges as their new gauge cluster. It should make things easier for people to tackle their own wiring, just like a car stereo adapter. One thing to remember is our cars are getting older and parts are harder to find intact. With Tight Fit Fabrication S13 Wiring Harnesses you will be able to plug your OEM cluster back in if you want without any issues.


**Please allow up to 2 - 3 weeks for orders to ship out. We normally like to keep a few harnesses ready to ship. Tight Fit Fabrication will ensure to reach out to customers and advise if a harness will need to be made.