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About US

Tight Fit Fabrication basically started as a group buy through an S-Chassis community forum. Essentially, what started me down this path was a thread I created gauging interest on S-Chassis specific power steering rack fittings. Based on all the feedback there were many in the community dealing with power steering fluid leaking from the rack. I was dealing with this issue for about 5 years because of an aftermarket power steering kit that never sealed. I bought many high end fittings, nothing would work and stop the leak. So, I decided to create my own fittings by cutting the OEM PS lines and welding bungs to the ends of them. Once, that was done I had no issues with leaks. From there I created my own prototype fittings that were installed on my personal vehicle, and started manufacturing my own fittings. Now, my goal is to create and offer quality handmade parts, using as much American made material, at reasonable prices. We are based out of Dayton, Nevada.